Christmas Day The final day of My Countdown!

Wowzers its Finally Christmas Day and that means its the last day of my Countdown…..its been so much fun sharing with you all everyone’s entries each day,But first I want to wish you all a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays and that you all have the best day today!So lets Celebrate with a little Music first….

And I think we need another one to get us all in the mood for today’s Festivities….

Now its time to reveal our final entries starting with the cute kitty called Rowena…

She sure loves her tree…..Then we have the Tree and Decorations from those Kitties Blue from The Cat on My Head…..

Beautiful as always at their crib and We have to enter Ruby with hers Antlers don’t we?It just Wouldn’t be Christmas Without them!

Now we have a bit more from my Christmas house…..

Mummy Hasn’t put lights up for ages but yesterday she decide to put the snowman and these Icicles in the window as a last minute thing.Now time for the card count so far as of this morning I have 13 Paper Cards

But I know mummy said more are due and E-cards I have 37 with new ones from Mudpie,Binky and her granny,Ruby and Princess Erin and her beu Valentine…





Mummy has 20 paper cards the 2 she gave to daddy and she has 2 E-Cards…

But she said more were due so we don’t have the final count yet for cards.

Thank you to you all for helping make this years Countdown a fantastic one…..Now off you go…time to enjoy your selves with your Families!



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