Happy New Year 2018!

Happy New Year to you all from my House to yours!Did you have fun last night?I did>I went to the Pub with mummy and Daddy for some pub grub mummy even packed up some nibbles for a little salad and my hay mix so I could chow down while they had their Dinner….

And for the first time ever I snuggled down and loafed on the seat next to mummy and totally chilled out at the pub….and them mummy had to snap a photo for proof.And as you can see I’m not to happy at having my photo taken when I’m trying to chill out.I hope you all had fun and laughter during you celebrations last night.

Now to Announce my Favourite 3 of my Christmas and Holiday Countdown….



We Have The OP Pack!







We Have Murphy and Stanley!

And we Have Dexter!So there you have it My Favourite 3 Congratulations to them all it was tough to pick them out with so many good entries…Now mummy has to finish shopping for them to find the perfect gifts to send!


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  1. I am late Mr Speedy! Mummy has been cray busy now that she is back at work and we have not had a chance to visit. You got to go to the Pub!!! That is so cool! And I LOVE your picture in the suit! You wear it well!

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