Sunday Selfies….1st of the new year!

Gosh can you believe it we are in a new year already?!Well its the first Sunday of the year so that means its time for Sunday Selfies…

I was being uncooperative and decided to play in my castle instead!

So we have the final card count for Christmas I ended up with 17 paper cards and 41 E-cards

And Mummy ended up with 21 paper cards and daddy had 3 with 2 E-cards

So I definitely won that one to see all my cards from this Christmas year just click HERE

Now for an Up date on Mickey the Hedgehog.The lats few weeks has has been sleeping through one night and then waking up and chowing down on his dinner till the week before Christmas then he chowed down for about 2 weeks and then went to sleep for 4 nights then he woke up and chowed down for 2 nights and has been a sleep for the last 2 nights.Mummy needs to check his bowl today to see if he woke up again but for now it looks like Mickey has finally started his long winter sleep and we won’t know anything till the spring.In the mean time mummy will continue with leaving dry food for him and water in case he wakes up again but we will keep you in formed on Mickey’s snooze

To join in with Sunday Selfie Blog Hop just click the Link to the hosts of the blog hop Sunday Selfies with the Cat on My Head 


3 responses

  1. Hi Sweetheart!
    Marv told me that he saw you on his header! Mes came by to sees yous and give yous some extra Nellie Kisses! And to tells yous that your castle is a nice comfy place to cuddles, me will bes there soon! And of course yous winned the cards! Speedy, YOUS is a total winner!
    Mes LOVES yous to the Moon and back again!
    Sees yous in your dreams.
    Many Kisses
    Your Nellie Bellie

  2. You have a beautiful castle Speedy. I’d be in the castle too, instead of posing for a selfie. Mickey sounds restless or is this normal behaviour for hedgehogs? We didn’t know hedgehogs hibernate. I learn something new everyday.



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