Selfie’s,photo challenges and updates!

Hi everyone wow what a busy post today.Its Sunday Selfie with The Cat on My Head time so today we are going to do a throw back selfie.This one is from last year and was taken at my favourite woods.I know one thing I can’t wait for the warmer weather again so I can get back there again!

Next up its time for Appreciate the moments Photo challenge hosted byDog Mom’s Days and The Everyday Dog Mom. Its a monthly Themed Photo challenge that starts every 1st Friday of the month and runs for a week.This Months theme is Love as its February the month of Love!

Mummy chose this one she took last year of me at one of our adventures up on the moors because she thinks it looks like I’m Smiling and looking lovingly at her as she took the photo…..I think I’ll have to agree with Mummy on that one…what do you think?

Now for the update on Mickey the Hedgehog.With the last update we let you all know that Mickey had gone into Hibernation well it looks like he’s woke up again as his kibble and meal worms had been eaten so Mummy put his full dinner out for him under the shed last night in case he woke again last night,we will let you know if he did go milder for a while which is why he woke up we think but its gone cold again so we will keep putting his dinner down cause he’s really going to need it now with this cold weather….Brrr!


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