Appreciate the Moments Photo Challenge:March

Well its that time again for Appreciate the Moments Photo Challenge.Its hosted by Dog Mom Days and The Everyday Dog Mom

March’s Theme is Lucky which suits Speedy to the T after all he is probably one of the luckiest bunny’s out there after being rescued at Auction from being sold to reptile breeders where he would have become a snakes next meal and then coming home to live with us!He bring us a lot of luck all the time like our own personal lucky charm!

This was taken one spring a couple of years ago on a trail in Speedy’s favourite woods its almost as if he’s saying come and join me on the bunny trail!

Speedy is Also very lucky to be one of the most relaxed and chilled out Bunnies I have every had the pleasure of living with us and be able to join us on our many adventures in our beautiful countryside!

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