Sunday Selfies and Mr Mickey Update

Wow its Sunday again and that means its time to join The Cat on My Heads Sunday Selfies Blog Hop

This one is from an adventure I had a few weeks ago to Badgers Holt,it was a bit chilly but the sun was out.I haven’t had any adventures this week as Mum is still sorting family stuff out but we did get to spend a lovely day out in my garden yesterday as it was warm and sunny!

Now on to Mr Mickey the Hedgehog and a little update:

Mr Mickey has been chowing down all his dinner so mum has increased his portions now because she thinks some time in the next few weeks he will go walk about chasing the ladies, probably in the middle of May Just like Reggie did a couple of years ago.But for now Mr Mickey is enjoying living under our shed…..and yes he is definitely there ,cause mum keep hearing a funny noise that she couldn’t pin point yesterday and had a look under the shed she saw his silhouette of him sleeping out of his nest and saw his spines move up and down as he was breathing.Mum reckons he must of woke up and moved out of his nest because he was a bit warm cause a few hours late when it started to cool down and the wind had picked up a bit she looked again and he had gone back in his nest again and she couldn’t see him anymore.Mum also closed off his door to the green house as its getting too warm in there now and mum has started drying this years dandelions she picks for me and Mickey’s poops are a bit stinky….You can imagine it gets a bit strong in the warmth of the green house.Mum is cleaning out the nest box in the green house and is going to put fresh bedding in there for the winter,so if Mickey decides to stay he can use again when we head into the autumn.So all Mickey’s meals are left under the shed for him.He explores the back garden and the front garden as he leaves his little packages of his poops everywhere,we don’t know if he is exploring further out of our garden but he has always been able to come and go as he pleases.So there you have it Mr Mickey is doing very well.

Me on the other hand has picked up some mites so Mum had to weigh me and get some Ivermectin from the vets to clear them out.But the good news is I have lost a littl bit of weight, I have lost 25 grams I was 3.2kg but I am now 3.175g which means 7 drops of the Ivermectin once a week for 3 weeks to clear out the Mites which are making my ears itch.Mum picked up on the mites early so they aren’t to bad just really annoying but the drops are already helping so that is good and I’m not scratching so much now…..I guess its the time of year for the bugs to start coming out!


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  1. Gosh! Sorry to hear about the mites Mr Speedy. Were you and Kozmo off gallivanting when he had mites? He had the same drops. And if Mikie’s poops are as stinky as otter poops, I bet your greenhouse needs a good airing out. And Mr Speed, you look wonderful in your jacket!

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