Sunday Selfies….Vacations and updates

Hi Everyone Yes you saw right yesterday I’m back after my Vacation at Uncle Colin’s and I have an Update on Mr Mickey the Hedgehog too but first things My Selfie!

Hurry up mummy everyone wants to know I’m back!

So as you know I went to my Uncle Colin’s while mummy and Daddy were away.So I joined Mr Mickey as he was there recovering from being poorly after having his vet treatments.More about Mickey later on.So this is some photos that Uncle Colin sent mummy of me on my Vacation….

Me Chowing down at teatime!

and me enjoying some garden time in the nice weather!

And me happy to be back in my own Garden!

And me Happy to be home!Ok on to Mr Mickey….

Uncle Colin nursed Mr Mickey back to full health while I was there and got him up to 700g in weight so while mummy was away he took him home and put him back in the greenhouse as he was going up there to feed the other Hedgehog under the shed….we’ve come to the conclusion that that one is Reggie and He came back for the winter and has decided to stay for a bit any way both Hogs have been chowing down every night on the dinner that Uncle Colin was leaving for them and they have been leaving lots of poop messages all over the gardens in thanks for room and board!So all is good at the Hotel Speedy as mum mad sure the birds had plenty too while we were away!


Sunday Selfies with The Cat on My Head

3 responses

  1. Mr Speedy! What a great Selfie! And I am so glad that Mr Mickey is better after your Uncle Colin’s ministrations and that the other hedgehog was Reggie! What great news!
    I bet you are so very happy that your pawrents are back home and that you are back blogging!

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