Sunday Selfies:A day out at Tintagel

Hello it’s Sunday again so it’s time for Sunday Selfies but Today we have a selfie video instead of s photo…..don’t take any notice of my Daddy in the background….he’s a bit silly at times!You even get a peek of mummy too!

We had a day out at Tintagel and went to visit the Old Post Office which as and old Medieval House that dates to the 1400’s.This was the only video that was taken but we met some very interesting people.While we were there Yvette Fielding and her husband Karl Beattie from the TV program Most Haunted came to visit the place while they were down in Cornwall on holiday.Mummy and Daddy had a very nice chat with them and even got to talk to the resident spirits and then afterward they wanted to come and meet me!I have to say they are very nice and gave very nice scratches and pets too!What are the odds of meeting those two on their holiday?Its just that Mummy kicked herself for not getting any photos of that meeting after we left….Oh well never mind Mummy!

Sunday Selfies with The Cat on My Head

2 responses

  1. Hi Mr Speedy!
    What a great place to visit! My Mom when there a million years ago (she is a King Arthur fan) and what interesting people you guys met!
    So furry exciting!

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