Sunday Selfies….Oh What a week!

Hi everyone I have had the best week this week,Mummy was home all week and that meant fun in the garden at times,going on adventures with Mummy,lots of cuddles and yes being left behind as mummy had a couple of adventures that I couldn’t go on.So let’s start with my adventures first up my usual spot by the river on the moors…. to my favourite woods ,I haven’t been here for ages!

And yes I had a little snooze too!Mummy went to Compton Castle…..

and she went to Tinagel where she visited The Old Post Office again and the Castle and the 1400 year old Church

Now for Me time and some Snapshots of me!



me by the river….











And of course we have to have one of me and mummy!


Sunday Selfies with The Cat on My Head


4 responses

  1. Meow meow Speedy yore videoss are great!!! You look so happy an carefree. Mee thinks mee lived neer a woodss sumthing like where you are (onlee here, meow meow, meow….)
    Yore photos are lovelee an you are so handsum. **sighsss**
    Hope you have another guud week!
    **purrsss** BellaDharma

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