A Mixed Day of Emotions

Today is a mixed day of Emotions as it is Armistice day,So we remember all those that lost their lives in world war 1….Men,Women and Service Animals…those that fought to protect us all

And yesterday we also learn that Sarah also known as Roby Sweet from The Cuddlewumps Cat Chronicles has Crossed the Rainbow Bridge ,May she rest in peace

And we have the Wildfires that are raging across California that has caused loss of life in both those that live there and in the wild life,it has been heartbreaking to see the wild bunnies huddled against the walls next to roads trying to find shelter and a safe haven from the fires burning around them as shown here KHOU 11 News be warned this may be upsetting.

And So todays selfie is of quiet reflection…..

And looking ahead for a more hopeful future…….


Sunday Selfies with The Cat on My Head

3 responses

  1. Meow meow Speedy an aunty Rachel wee are furry sorry about Roby Sweet lady…shee was far too young to have to go away to Pure Land. Maybee angel Unkell Siddhartha will do sum ‘prr-amedicss’ on her there….
    An wee watched Ree-membrance Day ceremonee from downtown on teevee this morning….an then you called an made our day MUCH better!
    Speedy yore selfie iss lovelee an wee must look to thee few-ture with faith an hope rite?
    ***purrsss*** BellaDharma an {{{hugs}}} LadyMum

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