Last Sunday Selfies of 2018…..

Gosh 2018 is coming to a close.Today is the last Sunday selfies of the year….

Friday I got to have another Adventure up on the moors…the weather was weird,it was cloudy again but for a time the sun tried to poke through so mum took these photos as it gave a cool lighting effect!

 it was pretty cold around 3 degrees celsius so I had to double up on my fleece sweaters for warmth.We also saw this cutie…

he was a bit shy!

And now for my Selfie.Though Mummy took this of me in my new carry bag….its like a sling type bag the mum can put across her body and I can look around.I like it and Mummy likes it cause she can see where she is putting her feet on the rough ground.It’s so much better for rough terrain when she has to walk to get to where we are going!

Make sure you come back on New years Day cause I will be announcing the winners of my countdown and I know you’re all waiting for that!

Mr Mickey and Reggie the Hedgehogs are still chowing down at the Hotel Speedy Restaurant but they have been purging too so we think it won’t be much longer before they settle for their sleep!


Sunday Selfies With The Cat on My Head


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