Sunday Sunday!

Well hello there,yep its Sunday so its Sunday Selfies time but first just a little update on Mr Mickey the Hedgehog….

Well we have managed to keep him awake so far and mum has insulated most of the greenhouse but she has run out of bubble wrap so needs to get a bit more to finish the job.But what she has done should make a difference and as long as Mr Mickey comes out of his nest box to eat his dinner tonight he will start the rest of his injections tomorrow.On the worrying side the forecast is set to go colder from tonight with the possibility of some snow or wintry showers next week ,we will keep you posted on that front…..

Now time for my selfie from my outing up on the moors today and boy was it chilly!

Just one thing to add Mum also managed to get to the post office so the surprise gifts for the winners of my Christmas and Holiday Countdown are on their way!


Sunday Selfies With The Cat on My Head

5 responses

  1. Meow meow wee purrayin Mickey will bee OKay an get his shots bee-fore hee goess to hiburrnate! It has bin snowin here since last nite an iss pilin upss!! An iss -18 Fairenhite out there….mee sty inn-side warm an cozy!!
    Yore Selfiess look furabuluss Speedy!!! Yore such a hansum BUN man!
    ~~~head rubsss~~~BellaDharma~~~

  2. I am glads Mickey is eating and gettin’ his meds, I’m keepin’ my paws crossed he is gonna be a-okays. Oh Speedy, your selfies are MAGNIFICENT!!! I have to say, braving the cold was worth it pal!
    Ruby ♥

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