Speedy’s Snowy Sunday Selfies

Wow I thought we were missing out on the snow fun as everywhere we looked on the blogs everybody was getting the white stuff and the Thursday Night and friday….Bam we had the white stuff….well not really it hopped over our village so we was a dark spot on a white landscape because everywhere else around us got it.2 mins up the road and there it was!So mummy took me out to go find the white stuff,it had already started to melt so we had a 10 min drive to find it!









https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wYdA0f9CWPIOf course when dad turned up I had already finished playing in the snow with mummy and decided I wanted to be picked up to warm my toesies….hehehe!

On the Hedgehog front the other Hedgehog Reggie started turning up again.Dad woke mum up early on wednesday morning….hehehe like 3.15 am to tell her Reggie was in the front garden so off she went in her robe to sprinkle some food around him so he could have a snack before trundling back to his nest.It’s been icy this week so there isn’t much natural food about,So mum set up a temporary Shelter for putting some dry hedgehog food and water out for him which he has been chowing down on he last few nights.


10 responses

  1. SNOW!!! (Snort!) WE are supposed to get some today! We had snow last year and I did NOT like cold toes. And how exciting that Reggie is back! Your Mum really know how to take care of hedgehogs!

  2. WooooHooo! OMD, I am oh so jealous Speedy! You just look handsome in your coat and snow. And your bunnie prints in the snow are just too cute! If you gets more snow, and you gets to go out again, do some snow-bunnie-zoomies for me k?
    Ruby ♥

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