Happy Valentines Day!

Happy Valentines Day to you all!I hope you all have a day full of love and cuddles and of course treats…..hehehe

Mummy took me out for a quick adventure the other day















It was a little chilly that high up but Spring is definitely waking from her slumber.Mummy had a nice birthday and got a lovely bunch of roses from daddy and some nice card..

One of the cards is actually a Valentines card from BellaDharma and Aunty Sherri-Ellen…see the one with the Hedgehog?Then Daddy gots some plants for the garden,Some Primroses,some Tulip bulbs and some Snowdrops that were in a local farmers field that the farmer was trying to get rid of because they aren’t good for the livestock so Daddy said he would bring them home for mummy and give them a good home….what a lovely Valentines present that keeps on giving!

Mummy put some of the primroses ,snowdrops and the tulip in this old antique granite pig trough that Came from Grandma’s garden and the rest went in these pots…

I thought the Primroses were quite tasty so I ate some of the leaves as you can see…hehehe.Anyway Mummy is taking me out for a Valentines day outing so I must get going but before I do just a little something for our Angel Nellie Bellie…….Will you be my Heavenly Valentine?

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  1. Looks like you had a love-filled V-Day, Speedy. Always love seeing your highland adventures. P.S. Please tell your mum thank you for the “Jacque” card. She’s such a favorite of mine and I hope to catch up later today to actually open it. xo

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