Sunday Selfies…Garden report!

Hi everyone!Hope you’re all having a splendid Sunday whatever you’re doing today.Mummy gave me my Castle back because I chewed some bits on my Teepip so she needed to do a repair job so I have already bunstructed  the castle again…hehehe…

Now that I have my Selfies out of the way it’s on to the Garden report!Yesterday Morning when Mummy woke up which was around 4am she brought me in for a cuddle but because the window was open she could here this funny noise….Hedgehogs!We know the Reggie has been visiting but we wonder if another was there because the ruckus outside is normally when you have more than one in the garden and they have a bit of a heated discussion about who has first dibs on food.Then this morning Mummy went to get the bowl for cleaning and there was fresh poop….always a good sign!Were still waiting for Mickey to come back from the rescue but he’s doing well.

Now Mummy has also been hard at work in the back garden doing some tidying and planting some of her pots.She started by cutting back and then planting a carnation from another pot and some primroses to this bed..

 then she planted a new camelia here…

she still has a bit more to do and then it on to the front garden but here are her pots…

 the pots above had 2 different Honeysuckles so she added some primroses and crocus that she moved from the front garden…

 This one she put some daffodils and snowdrops in the back that she moved from the front garden and then some new primroses that dad brought mummy

 This one has an early flowering carnation that mummy got with some birthday money..

 then mummy added some bluebells and a perennial from last year from another pot with some new tulips that daddy brought to go around the apple tree…

 This one mummy put in a new mini pink rose with some of the crocus from the garden..

 This one Mummy added 2 new primroses to this pot with a hibiscus and snowdrops…

 This one has a new mini light pink rose and 2 primroses…which I nibbled on…hehehe…

And this one has snowdrops and primroses that daddy brought…

Then she filled up this antique granite pig trough that belonged to grandma with some primroses,snowdrops,yellow crocus and a pink early flowering carnation.Wow mummy has been busy!And that concludes the Garden report!


Sunday Selfies with The Cat on My Head

10 responses

  1. Great report Speedster! Mum has been beavering away. We are still stuck in Winter here although some Daffs and Crocus are starting to bud handsome trees are blooming. Glad you are hearing Hegehog noises! Maybe Pippa Pig will drop by too! Love from Rory & Fiona

  2. Mew mew mew wee miss flowerss so much wee came over here to look at yore photoess again Speedy an Aunty Rachel. Yore garden looks so gorgeeuss an this iss onlee Febbyary!!
    An all wee have iss snow snow an more snow….
    Speedy yore cassel iss lovelee….say if you have a cassel you MUST bee a Purrince rite??
    ***purrsss*** BellaDharma

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