Bunny Mortality by Speedy’s Mum

I have been dreading writing this post because it brings into question Speedy’s own mortality something that I am dreading one day facing.But after Miss Lola Bun’s crossing of the Bridge I do have to face one fact Speedy is getting older and he is showing signs of his age.

For weeks Speedy has been having an issue in his sleep den….during the night he has not been using his litter tray and we did wonder if he had a UTI but down stairs where he free ranges he has no problem so it couldn’t be that….

It looks like Speedy has a touch of arthritis and it looks like it is in his front legs or paws so when he gets up he finds it difficult to hop in the litter tray ,so we did away with the tray and lined the bottom of his den with puppy training pads where the litter tray used to be and bob’s your uncle Speedy went back to going toilet in his usual area where the pads are.

The vets have been warning us about Speedy’s weight and arthritis for years and that we needed to get him slimmer….easier said than done!I measure out his food he is on the bare minimum and we can only cut back to that point so all we can do is getting him moving about which we are doing as best as we can….that’s why we get him out on adventures when we can but that is weather permitting so it is a constant battle to control his weight.Speedy weighs between 3.3kg and 3.5kg Ideally he should be below 3kg to 2.5kg.

So what can we do?Well all we can do is try to get his weight down and there is a joint supplement for rabbit which has natural anti inflammatories to help with pain that we can try or we can try CBD hemp oil  if the supplements don’t help or we have to go to the vet for painkiller.For now we are going to try the joint supplement and try to make things a bit more comfortable in the home.

But all this does bring home that Speedy won’t be around forever the thing that I hate the most and dread facing

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  1. I ban such thoughts as soon as they come into my mind… but that is sadly no solution, we all know that…sigh…. hugs and potp to captain speedy we hope the meds will do the trick and you can win that weight challenge… all paws are crossed for good news from your side of the channel…

  2. You are good and brave and realistic to do this post. O think when we first became friends, Skyler was with me. He was taken way too early. Your post tells me you are doing everything in your power to help Speedy with his issues…you and your husband are fabulous Bunny parents. Hoping the supplements bring relief, thus helping with weight. Much love to you all.

    • Yes Skyler was still with you and then all too soon and yes way too early he was gone.That was a sad day.It’s Sad to see the effects of age….I guess we all feel it.And we will do our very best for Speedy and he is pretty healthy otherwise,xx Rachel

  3. We have the same issue/thoughts about Ray. He is such a part of our family and, although he has only been with us for 6 years, he is already at “middle-age”. The reality that all of us are going to go at some time, including our beloved pets, must not deter us from enjoying every moment that we are together. Presuming that I outlive Ray, I will want to say my farewell to him knowing that we had a wonderful time together … and that both our lives changed as a result of a chance meeting and his decision to adopt me. 🙂

  4. It is sad that bunnies don’t have a long life span. I had one for 13 years though so stay hopeful. I will add Speedy to my prayer list. I hope you can ease his pain without meds. XO

  5. I know exactly what you mean. At 13, Sam is getting a bit long in the tooth and I can’t bear the thought of life without my boy. We try to do the best we can, enjoy the moment (like they have shown us all their lives) and keep our fingers crossed our remaining time together will be long and treasured. We are sending oodles of poodles of love for you and Speedy to be able to spend lots of great quality time together.

  6. Oh Ma thinks the same thingie! I have arthritis in my front leggies too, and I am about the right weight, butts the vettie wants me to lose about 5 lbs to ease the pressure. Ma also measures my foodables and treaties. that sucks. I try and gets extra from Gpa, which works most the time ☺. Since I am 10, Ma has the same thoughts, butts doesn’t let them stay, cause each moment should be lived in the ‘now’, and when that time comes (hopefully LONG in the future) it will be dealt with then. In the meantime, Be in the moment. Be present. Make lots of new memories.
    Ruby ♥

  7. Meow meow Aunty Rachel mee hopess ree-deckoratin Speedy’ss Cassel an gettin him speshell meddycin will do THE trick an hee stay with us fore a furry long time.
    ee an LadyMew are furry sad for Lola’ss furamillee an fore you ‘csuse wee mew you wuud think ’bout Speedy…
    Speedy yore a *star* fore usin pup padsss an furry clevurr! Now take yore meddycin like a guud Bun OKay?? Yore mee bestest Couzin an mee loves you a lot!
    ***purrsss*** BellaDharma an {{{huggiesss}}} LadyMew too!

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