No More Scares Mr Speedy!

This Fellow gave us a scare this morning,when we woke up Speedy wouldn’t get up.I gave him his cuddle and then his breakfast…..Not interested in his food!

Seems he had gas. I had to go to work,So daddy gave him lots of water,Gas drops (infacol) and some very gentle tummy rubs and then a dose of gut stimulant after a hour or two he was back to normal…pigging out on all his food again.

A lot of people don’t realise that their bunny might have gas and don’t treat them for it straight away.They then take their bunny to the vets but by that time its too late and the bunny is in full blown GI stasis and have an emergency on their hands.We always keep Infacol (Baby Gas drops) in the house for this very purpose.

No More Scares Mr Speedy!!!

8 responses

  1. Speedster! What the devil? Mr Rory had flatulence, but a dab of pure pumpkin fixed him up. Glad Mummy and Daddy knew what to do to help you! Did my Mana tell you that Rory also ate Daffodil leaves last Sunday? The whole plant is poisonous….so Mama had a busy afternoon at the Emergency Vet. We did have a happy ending

  2. Oh Speedy! Don’t do that dude! You knows you’re gonna gives your Moms a heart attack! I knows the gassy’s can be really crappy ☺, butts ☺ I hopes it is all out nows, and you can be snackin’ and snugglin’ with your peeps! Stay well my furiend!
    Ruby ♥

  3. Glad you are now eating again Speedy. I get the slow eating when I need to Poop and the Dad worries as I am 18… going on 14 mol
    Purrs Bunny
    Yer Buddy’s
    Buddy Budd and Family

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