Happy Hoppy Easter Guest Selfies

Hi Everyone first I have to say sorry for not being around as much as we should have this week but in a moment you will so why.Now its Easter so Happy Hoppy Easter to you all!

 Now on to our guest Selfie and the story behind the Guest……….

This is the Guest…Say hello to Tiny Tim it may be a boy or a girl we don’t know and we believe its a baby Robin about 80% sure on that.Daddy found it in the middle of a road shaking with the cold weak and starving.He watched to see if the parents would come for ages but they didn’t so he found some worms and gave them to the baby and then watched some more but still no parents there were Rooks eying it up so Daddy decide that in the end he couldn’t leave it as it was too vulnerable to either being breakfast for the Rooks or being run over by a car so he brought it home.It was very cold dad warmed it up and fed it at home till mummy came home from work….

This was a few hours later after mum had come home and fed it a bit more already looking better compared to when dad first brought it home on Thursday.

This was Friday afternoon when mummy came home from work she sat outside in the garden with Tiny Tim so it could get so exercise to strengthen its legs and wings.It sat here for a while and then had a bit of a run around in the flowerbed.

Now Tiny Tim needed to be fed every hour with worms and mealworms during daylight hours but Mummy would feed it early in the morning around 4.30am before she went to work to keep it going till later when daddy would start feeding and then mummy would take over till she went to bed.Tiny Tim was trying to fly but couldn’t but Mummy knew it needed to go to a rehabber so she managed to find one.

These were taken early Saturday morning as you can see Tiny Time has more feathers and has completely recovered from is ordeal.A few more days and Tiny Time will have tail feathers and will be ready to fly so Mummy made lots of phone calls to find a rehabber to get Tiny Tim ready for release and teach it how to fend for itself.Lunchtime yesterday Tiny Tim went to the rehabbers.So it was time to say goodbye to Tiny Tim….

But we do have to say we miss having Tiny Tim around and listening to its little quiet chirps to say it was hungry and it jumping out of the box wanting to sit on mummys shoulder so it could see everything….Tiny Tim was happiest sitting on mum while she was on the pc and this is partly why it had to go to a rehabber before it got too humanised.And because Mummy doesn’t have the time to give it to teach it to find its own food as we are having a holiday soon.Mummy said if it wasn’t for the Holiday then She would have found the time to do it all herself.However Tiny Tim left for the rehabbers in good shape for its next stage in life and that is what matters.So now You see what has kept us so busy our temporary “Easter Chick Tiny Tim”


Easter Sunday Selfies With The Cat on My Head

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  1. Yep that is a baby robin. We have them here. I had a mommy and daddy raising one around our yard a couple of springs back. He would run out from the wood pile and startle me. I always watched to make sure mom or dad were around. They always were in a nearby tree or on the fence keeping an eye on him and waiting for me to leave so they could bring his lunch. 🙂 Glad you helped Tiny Tim, and got him on to more help when you knew your limits to provide help.

    • If we weren’t going away in about 3 weeks time we would have gotten him ready for release our selves but realistically it would take another 4 or 5 weeks or maybe a bit longer depending on how quickly the little fella picks up the skills it needs to survive in the wild so the time scales just didn’t mesh.But it does feel a little empty with out him or her here,xx Rachel

  2. Oooooooooooooh! Speedy, your peeps are the BESTEST!!!! I am so very happy your Moms knew how to keep Tiny Tim safe and feelin’ betters til it could go to the pawfessionals! I give your peeps a HIGH PAW!!! I am sure TT is so very thankful for their help!
    Truly a Happy Easter Story!!!
    Ruby ♥

  3. Meow meow wee thott wee leeved a commint here Aunty an Unkell an Speedy!!! What THE CATFISHY iss goin on??
    Anyway, wee adoor Tiny Tim an wee send our furry best to him at THE ree-hab….did you efurr call an see how hee was doin??? Yore pawsum Aunty an Unkell.
    Wee LOVE you all! so-o much….
    ***purrsss*** BellaDharma

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