Vets and Health checks

OMB Mummy took me to the vets this week for My annual Myxomatosis/RVHD type 1 combi vaccination and while I was there the vet gave me a health check. He checked my teeth and gave me a feel around the tummy and a few other checks and that was all ok….but then he weighed me…..and that was not ok! It seems I have gained some weight a couple of hundred grams !Mummy explained that I haven’t been very mobile for a while with my arthritis and that she has started me on my CBD Hemp oil which is now helping me alot. The vet was very interested to see how I was doing on it and mum told him I can use my litter tray,I want to play and go out in the garden and just generally more active.Anyway the Vet said that is good and should help me lose a bit of weight but he also said to cut back a bit more on my pellets too….Can you believe it The Vet is trying to starve me!!!!


So here I am playing in the garden!

Mr Mickey the Hedgehog is due to be delivered back to the garden on Tuesday so mummy made a new big feeding station and swapped it for the smaller one which she has moved to another part of the garden ready for Mr Mickey to use for a bit.The plane is to gradually phase the smaller one out and get them all using the same feed station as its huge!Its big enough to accommodate 3 or 4 hedgehogs depending on how big they are….all at the same time.And then the smaller one will get cleaned and changed back to a nest box.So here’s mummys handy work…

See what I mean by Huge?!!!Anyway we are off on a road trip tomorrow for a vacation so one of our neighbours is going to feed the Hedgehogs so Lola,Reggie and Mr Mickey will be just fine!Even the birds will be taken care of with feeders, bird cakes and leftover hog kibble from each day plus they will have the bird bath topped up too!Anyway time for my close ups!



Sunday Selfies with The Cat on My Head


6 responses

  1. Mew mew mew Hoe-tell Hedgehog lookss speck-tackular Speedy!! Wee waitin fore Mickey to ree-tern! Just like you an Aunty an Unkell are.
    An yore not over wait…not at all…yore lovelee as you are!
    ***purrsss*** BellaDharma
    Pee s: Happy Meowy Day Aunty Rachel x0x0

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