The lost gardens adventure

It was a fun busy day of exploring, meeting my adoring public from all over the world who were on vacation too. And lots of photos by them

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  1. *hangss head*
    Mee missed this post Speedy an mee iss furry sorry……Ladymew has bin al over THE place with her turribell Hyperostosis pain an all THE run-around from Docktur’ss. Shee onlee knows hsee has blood inn her urine an needss a special test dun. Not a peep since. No appointmint to go over ree-sultss…nothin…. *sighsss*
    Now mee iss here an wanted to say you look furry ree-laxed inn that garden an THE grass iss so green an lush. An yore furry hansum of course…..
    Mee can hardlee wait to see more adventure photoess!!
    ***purrsss*** an Love BellaDharma an LadyMew

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