Hello, long time no see!

Hello,long time no see!Gosh it seems like forever since I’ve blogged!Is anybody out there?Well I went on vacation with my parents and it went like this…..

 My first outing at the ponds

 Mama and Papa and babies first sighting at the ponds

 Me chilling…

 Mama,Papa and babies

 Lost Gardens of Heligan

And then something bad happened the goslings got taken leaving a sad mama and papa Geese…..

 mummy gave them a snack cause they were sad

Here is the villain of the peace!

 Me chilling with dad!

 we met this fellow at the holiday park…

and my last day before we went home!

While we were away Mr Mickey came home but now he’s gone walkabout ….Chasing the girls we think!But we have had lots of Hedgehog visits from others…Black spot,Reggie,Lola and Mickey we think so the garden has been busy.Then Mummy caught a cold and has been poorly all week but she still took me to the beach last weekend and up on the moors…

So there you have it 2 or 3 weeks summed up!

Sunday Selfies with The Cat on My Head


14 responses

    • Yes it is a heron and yes they will go after goslings and ducklings and not because they are hungry just because it is easier than fishing in the ponds,Apparently the same thing happened last year.Canadian geese only produce one brood so if they lose them that’s it till the next year,xx Speedy

  1. I’M HERE! I’M HERE! I am always here for you my pal! I missed you fursure, butts I knew you were havin’ tons of funs, and were gonna fill us in when you got back. I loves all the pics!! OMD, you and your peeps had so many adventures! That funny lookin’ doggie is so cool! he sure does have big ears! BOL
    I thinks I like the last pic of you the bestest Speedy!
    Ruby ♥

  2. Furabuluss holy day Speedy! You an Aunty inn THE stockade iss funny! An yore adventure sure lookss like it was a lot of fun…..
    THE Geese furamillee looked so happy together……then to see no Goslinss’…iss THE big bird a Heron? Did it have sumthing to do with Goslinss’ leevin? Wee sad ’bout that.
    An happy you an Aunty Rachel an Unkell Nick had such a guud time!
    ***purrsss*** an ~~head rubsss~~BellaDharma~~ an {{huggiesss}} LadyMew

    • yes it was a Heron,and yes it was the most likely culprit as it kept watching them to see if there was any more babies.And other predators like a fox,stoat ,weasel(to small) and mink and birds of prey would take the chickens that live at the park and the Guinea Pigs in the petting area too,xx Speedy

      • YIKESS!!! Mee an LadyMew did not think Heronss wuud bee so lazy an not go fishin!!! Wee can understand Weeselss an Stoatss an Foxess an Rapturss doin this butt a Heron? hee shuud bee ashamed of himself!!! FISHSTICKSS!
        Poor Meowy an PawPaw Geese…..wee are furry sad fore them!

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