Sunday Selfies….Late but worth the wait!

I know it’s Monday but Mum took me to see an Important Person today so its worth the wait till today for my Sunday Selfie Post….Trust me it really is!

 The New Bridge at Tintagel is open….granting easy access to me and my Stroller!

















Me taking it easy and having a spot of lunch!Now for the Best Bit!!!!

Me and the King with mummy!


Sunday Selfies with The Cat on My Head


The last moments of our road trip

Well yesterday was nice and we went back to Charmouth,met a nice Staffy called Tilly who was interested in me in a nice way but totally fell in love with mummy….lets just say cuddles and kisses were given but no photos taken.




We saw more Baby Bunnies at the playground and then we had a hearty breakfast before coming home this morning….










What fab place to stay!We had such a lovely stay at the George Inn at Chardstock.