Blog 4 Peace

Its November 4th the day when all like minded bloggers join together with one common goal to blog for change,change from the path that Human kind has set itself on to war and destruction. We see the signs of the destruction of our world daily from Global Climate change to extinction of our wildlife,to the pollution of our seas, air and land around us….

We can save our Beautiful world if every single person chooses to do it from the smallest thing by taking care of our wildlife in our gardens to how much we throw away in our trash,by living cleaner lives and by all of us respecting our world and the creatures that live on it.

Let’s Choose to do it Now!

6 responses

  1. Well meowed…umm woofed Phenny an Neilson an Aunty Katty!
    LadyMew feedss THE Sparrowss an Chickydeess an wee take care of Chico Chipmunk an Chewy Chipmunk an even Lowell THE Mole…..hee iss furry shy!
    An LadyMew ree-cycless efurryfing an shee iss furry carefull not to use harsh cleenerss or a lot of dish soap. Wee do our bestest…..
    ***purrsss*** BellaDharma

  2. Well chosen words, Speedy. We all must play a part in cleaning up our mess and helping the animals. Recycling is a biggie here but we can do so much more. Slowly, we all are changng and lordy knows, everyone hates change.


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