8th December…..Day 8 of my Christmas and Holiday Countdown!

OMB its another day closer to the main event when Santa or Sinter Klaas pays us all a visit to leave us a little something for Christmas day!And with that theme in mind today’s guest is Sister Zoe from Brian’s Home

Now doesn’t she make the most adorable Santa Kitty?And come to think of it this also reminds us of a very special Christmas Song….

I think we all want to give Sister Zoe some Christmas kisses don’t we?….hehehe

Anyway time to share a little bit from my Christmas House….Today we have my Passage and stairs….


And as for my Selfie well I’m sharing an old one from last Christmas…..

Hmm that reminds us….

Now time for a little reminder of the rules for those of you who want to join in….

The rules are as follow:

1:You have from Now until 5am UK time on Christmas morning to get your photo’s into me.

2: You can email them to rachel dot dejong at googlemail dot com

3:You can post them on my Facebook Event Here

4:All photos will be posted here on my blog and on my Facebook Event

5:All photos have to be Either Christmas themed or some other Holiday theme Celebrated at this time of year!

And remember my Favourite 3 entries will get a little Christmas gift from your very own Santa Speedy!


Sunday Selfies with The Cat on My Head

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