It’s Christmas Eve Day 24 of my Christmas and Holiday Countdown!

Gosh Its Christmas Eve and That means Santa has already started his Journey across our skies delivering all those Special parcels and that means Tomorrow is the last day of my Countdown.But don’t worry you still have time to join in….you have until 5am UK time tomorrow morning to send in your photos.So here is a quick Reminder of the Rules….

The rules are as follow:

1:You have from Now until 5am UK time on Christmas morning to get your photo’s into me.

2: You can email them to rachel dot dejong at googlemail dot com

3:You can post them on my Facebook Event Here

4:All photos will be posted here on my blog and on my Facebook Event

5:All photos have to be Either Christmas themed or some other Holiday theme Celebrated at this time of year!

And remember my Favourite 3 entries will get a little Christmas gift from your very own Santa Speedy!

Lets start with some Guests…

This Dalton,Pipo and Benji dressed up in their finest Christmas gear

And we have Snoopy with his pal.Any way here is the second part of Mummy’s visit to Buckland Abbey…




























Mummy ran out of ink so she couldn’t print off the rest of my ecards for my door so Here they are…









I also had some more paper cards as well…

 So my card count stands at 31 paper and Ecards and Mummy’s stands at 28 Paper and Ecards….


So if You can please stop by Tomorrow as it is the last day of my countdown so any last minute entries will be posted then,If not and I totally understand Have a wonderful day tomorrow!


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