25th December….It’s Christmas Day the last day of my countdown!

Well we’ve finally made it to Christmas day!

It’s the Last Day of my Christmas and Holiday Countdown and Lucky for us we have some guests to join us! So lets see our Guests…..

Here is Katie from Savannah’s Pawtracks…. I think she can’t quite believe it’s Christmas time!

And Felix and Qtip Gray decided they wanted to take part in the Nativity as Mary and Joseph…..so cute!

Mum got the table/breakfast bar ready for Christmas this morning…..

And I have a new Scarf for Christmas…

Don’t mind me I’m just eating my Dinner…..Plus you get to see my area in the kitchen decked out for Christmas.And there is a glimpse of one of my Christmas presents a new Hidey house from my Buncle Martin!

And Look what Aunty Ann from Zoolatry did for me too!

Merry Christmas Everyone from all of us at the House of Speedy,Have a Wonderful Day Today!

We’ll See you all tomorrow for Boxing Day with all my antics from today!



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