Guest Selfies today!

Hi Ya ,Today we have a guest selfie….We have Pup the Hedgehog making an appearance….





The reason Pup was out of her nest box with mummy is,Pup has been poorly last week she lost some weight and wasn’t eating quite as much as she normally would.Plus her poops are a bit off.So she had another visit to the vets Tuesday and it looked like she still had a little bit of mange so they gave her another injection at a higher dose and they gave her a 10 day course of antibiotics for the poops.Well mum weighed her 2 days ago and she had still lost a bit of weight but not at the same rate as last week and today mum weighed her again and she only lost 1 or 2 grams so she is stabilising and it looks like she is eating more too.Fingers and Paws crossed she stops losing and starts to gain weight again.On a plus side Mum said Pup is being a real trooper with taking her antibiotics and seems to turn around to climb on mummy for snuggles and warmth so no curling up and stabbing mummy with her spines except for when mummy has to take her out of her nest box….Mummy said gardening gloves are a must for that but she can’t wear them when giving Pup her meds by syringe so it good she isn’t scared of mummy and trusts her.


Sunday Selfies with The Cat on My Head

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