Hello are you there?So much to catch up on!

Gosh what whirl wind of a few days….Sorry we haven’t been around we had PC problems with our operating system but its all sorted now but blogging is just to much faffing when you only have a tablet or phone to use.

We have had horrid weather too over the weekend strong winds at times rain and Hailstones!And feeling ever so cold so we haven’t been anywhere.Mummy is still fixing up the bathroom cause well you know the story you start a job and well you run in to problems.So I have been lounging about a bit with everything going on.

And well Hogmite left us which is fine cause he was a big boy at nearly 800g. Mum has been leaving food and water in the food station in the front garden and in the greenhouse in case Hogmite decides it’s to hard out there and wants to come back.But Pup well after having her Antibiotics well she started to gain weight then we had a cold snap….which is still cold I might add and she started losing weight again so mummy decide Pup needed to be kept warm so she is in our new Hospital Hutch on a nice heat pad in the shed to keep her warm.

 And she still lost more weight so another trip to the vets yesterday.Pup has to go back today and tomorrow as they started her on a course of lung worm treatment which also treats other parasites and depending on how she responds to the injections depends on whether she needs more antibiotics or more injections.The good news is Pup did eat more last night so lets keep our fingers and paws crossed for her!


4 responses

  1. Wee sure hope Hogmite has a safe journey where efurr hee went! An mee iss sendin dubbell POTP to deer Pup to get well soon. LadyMew sendss prayerss all so. Wee are so sad Pup not doin so guud.
    HURRAH you gotted yore Pee C back….wee sure missed youss’ Speedy!
    Guess what?? Facebake locked LadyMew out AGAIN! Shee iss spittin nailss an sent them a nasty email. They reelly are ‘takin THE mickey’ an shee iss not a happy Meowmy.
    Iss cold here too an no condo time. Iss sorta a long an weerd Winter.
    You look suppurr cozy Speedy inn yore photoe…..
    **purrsss** BellaDharma

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