Sunday Selfies….Update with the Hotel Speedy!

It’s Sunday again and well I’m kind of over winter now,not that its been winter really.It’s just been wet really either cold and wet or milder but wet with just a couple of frosty days.Everything is just mud and yet more mud.The ground is so soaked it squelches! So now I want Spring to come and the rain to go away!So we can have this….

Pup finished her course of Lung worm injections on Wednesday and her weight stabilised at around 580g ,not moving just staying the same and then all of a sudden she started to eat more and Mum weighed her on Friday and she gained 25g over night so went up to 605g.Pup is still eating more now but mum didn’t get the chance to weigh her yesterday so she will do it today when she cleans Pups Hutch out.Pup will stay in the Hutch on the heat pad where mum can keep a close eye on her and can adjust the temperature of the heat pad with the weather so if it goes a bit colder it can be upped a bit and dropped back if milder like it is at the moment.Plus Mum needs to check her weight because the lungworm could come back in a couple of weeks as new eggs can hatch out.Mum had a sample of Pups Poop sent off to a special wild life hospital and it came back clear so its now about keeping Pup warm and checking her weight and food in take.If everything keeps going the way it is in a few weeks when Spring is here she can go back in to the greenhouse to get used to the back garden and then released to the front a bit later on….well that’s the plan….to get Pup back to being a proper Hedgehog doing what they do by May.

Now for stuff about me!Can you believe that tomorrow is my 8th Gotcha Day!?? Me neither! 8 Years ago on the 3rd of February my parents went looking for me and Brought me home that very same day!Where does the time fly?!So I think a little party is in order Tomorrow Don’t You?So Join me tomorrow where we can relive some of my past adventures and have a few snacks and may be a few Carrotini’s!


Sunday Selfies with The Cat on My Head

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  1. HURRAH!!! Oh Speedy tomorrow iss a furry speciall day fore sure!! Wee so happy fore you an aunty an Unkell…Love yore pawss up Selfie!
    an so happy Pup iss improvin. Tell Aunty Rachel LadyMew iss all happy havin meowed to ehr an Unkell Nick today! You all wayss cheer her upss!
    ***purrsss*** an ❤ Love ❤ BellaDharma

    • It’s a H style Cat harness so it is fully adjustable with 2 leashes attached the 1st one is a stretchy elastic leash with the 2nd one clipped to it a retractable leash.The elastic leash is so stop choking when they pull a little as they do when you hold the leash taunt.let your rabbit get used to wearing the harness around the home under supervision first before trying the leash once they are comfortable with the harness then try the leash for short periods of time at home till they are comfortable,you need to let them go where they want to at first and if they don’t like it at all then don’t force it on them,good luck,xx Rachel Speedy’s mum

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