Weekend Plans and for the next few weeks

Well Looks like We have Spring weather finally so Mum had a hearty breakfast

And I had mine too…

Then I had a bit of this…

As it was very windy outside I stayed inside.But today is a different day the wind has dropped so mum is doing some projects in the garden.All the wind,rain and winter storms we have had has taken its toll on the fencing so it needs a bit of TLC.Mum wants to plant out all the plants she has in pots because she says there are to many and she wants to improve the drainage in the bottom of the garden so that means putting the honey suckles,the bay tree bush,a fancy acer that is pot bound and the apple tree in the ground to drink all the water up plus lots of other plants.She also wants to try some carrots,and some runner beans down there and some tomatoes and may be some other veggie bits, plus some herbs and so pepper she has already started in the kitchen for a herb garden in one of the pots she will free up.she figures she just as well concentrate on the garden if she is going to be stuck at home a lot for the next couple of months.

Don’t worry we will still go to people free spots in the countryside to break the cabin fever and stretch our legs.

The Hedgehogs are doing well with Hogmite living in the front garden and chowing down there.Pup is still in the back garden in the greenhouse as it is still cold at night but her heat pad is slowly being turned down with the hope to turn it off at the end of the week and at some point over the next few weeks if the weather holds mum said she will find a nice sheltered spot in the back garden for her box and then she can go where ever she likes.So that’s what we are up to for now while we are in partial lock down across the country.Mum will still be working as she is a key worker and is helping to feed the country thought she did say that with all the panic buying everybody is doing they shouldn’t need any more for a few weeks…but no people are still panic buying and some are just being horrible to the staff where she works because the shelves keep being stripped bare and they are having trouble getting stock to fill the shelves….So she just smiles but she won’t put up with bad behavior from those people who are horrible,she’s a tough cookie my mum.Anyway I hope your lockdowns with your peeps is going well so stay safe everyone!


Sunday Selfies with the Cat on My Head

5 responses

  1. Mew mew mew don’t make mee come over there nasty peepell beein angry at mee Aunty! Youss’ shudd bee po-lite an give Thanx shee iss there with other werkerss keepin efurryone inn foodabellss an Toilet Papurr an other thingss.
    Wee have no planss; just to stay aaway from peepell…..
    Wee go out on patio…..our little postage stamp of heaven, mew mew mew…..
    Wee happy Hogmite an Pup are doin so guud too!!!
    ***purrss*** BellaDharma an {{huggiess}} LadyMew

  2. Your Mum must have a thicker skin than my Mum. She was in our local store and asked the “gentleman” in front of her to “leave the staff alone, if it’s not on the shelf, it is because it is all gone!” He then actually apologized! He was traveling though and was tired.
    Stay strong and we can’t wait to see pictured of the garden.

  3. Your mum is my hero for not putting up with any guff from boorish customers. Good for her! Sounds like you guys are gonna be really busy. I admire your spunk! Wish I had a bit of it-goodness knows there are tons of projects to do yet I just don’t have it in my to do it. Maybe I’m just exhausted trying to find TP before the vultures get there first. *sigh

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