Where has the time gone?

Where has the time gone?Mum was supposed to have done a post about the Hedgehogs in the garden but that went bye bye….The reason is I have a swollen right front paw.don’t mind the photo it was taken before mum bathed it….

So since Monday I have been on a course of antibiotics and painkiller with daily foot baths to keep it clean,it now looks like this..

the redness has reduce and a little bit of the swelling has gone down,but it is still a bit swollen and sore so this is being emailed to the vets to see if they want to see me or give me something else.

As for Pup the female and Hogmite the male hedgehogs that over wintered in the green house they have successfully been released….but to our surprise they mated before Hogmite went off on walk about looking for more ladies.Pup stayed for a while but she has gone walk about too but I think hse still comes for a bit of food and water sometimes.But We have a new visitor another male who comes for dinner one of last years babies…could even be pups brother who disappeared.And Pups Mum has moved back for a bit too.Mummy has some video footage to upload but she has been busy with me and the garden so she hasn’t had much time to do it but she will…at some point!

Also we heard Brian’s Dad Terry has been poorly and is in Hospital so we Hope he feels better soon!


Sunday Selfies with the Cat onMy Head

9 responses

  1. Oh Speedy, I hopes your paw gets all better soon! Sounds like your Moms is takin’ real good care of you! I’m glads the hedgehogs are off, and doin’ well! Gives your Moms a high-paw from me, k? (with the good paw ☺)
    Gets better soon ~ sendin’ lots of POTP your way pal!
    Ruby ♥

  2. EEKKKK Speedy yore paw lookss so tendur an sore….wee sure hope you not need to go to Vet’ss. Mee iss sendin POTP to you…
    An HURRAH fore Pup an Hogmite survivin THE Winter an goin off on adventurss. An to think Pup’ss Meowmy or Brothur iss livin with you!! Furry kewl!!
    Pleese take care an Get Well Soon!
    ***purrss*** an Love BellaDharma

  3. Oh, Speedy, so sorry about your swollen paw. Here’s a Healing Pawkiss especially for you and hope it heals up soon💗 Hope the hedgehogs will come back soon with babies, we liked to have them around in the other house😸Clean Pawkisses for a Happy Wednesday. Stay Safe Healthy and Yourselfie🙏🐾😽💞

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