New Arrivals at the Hotel Speedy

Meet Pupmite! Pupmite is a new Baby Juvenile Hedgehog.It was brought to our garden by its mum…who we think is Pup. Pupmite has been staying in the middle nest box in our garden…

And this fellow is a young Jackdaw that hangs in the garden all day for the last few days.At first it seemed a bit weak,like it was struggling a bit but now its much bright and flies off and then comes back.Mum and Dad have been feeding it so it can get stronger.Dad reckons there is something not quite right with it but mum reckons its a late developer from this years batch.just unusual to see it hanging around in our garden and not mixing with the others local to where we live.Anyway Bird as Dad calls it is doing much better…bet Bird will be at our place at 6.30am tomorrow!Any way meet Bird…

Well that’s all for now at the Hotel Speedy!

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    • We had 5 visit last night to the the feed stations Last night.2 young Juveniles.this one and another that is a little bigger,a mediums sized one that has been coming since it was a little juvenile in the spring,the mum called Pup of the new juveniles and Hogmite the male who we think is the dad.all 3 nest boxes have had comings and goings ,the juveniles especially pupmite are sleeping in the boxes….and yes very squee worthy…hehehe xx Speedy

  1. Mee-yow wow you have a mew Hedgey an a Jack Daw…furabuluss Speedy!!
    Aunty Rachel you have tHE kindest heart…no wunder you an LadyMew are Sisturss!
    Wee hope Bird enjoyss his stay at Hotel Speedy…..wee know hee or shee will.

    LadyMew iss feein Fen an Jen Wrenss…..they move so quiklee shee can nevurr get fotoss….
    Chewy an Chewy Two take ternss raidin THE peenutss an snax….an efurry once inn a while Fluffy Squirrel showss up an chasess THE Chewiess away so shee can snack too!
    Wee are so lucky aren;t wee?
    **purrss** an Love BellaDharma an ((huggiess)) LadyMew

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