Guess Who?

 Guess Who?Yup its me Speedy been a while hasn’t it?Well we are all ok not doing very much because the tourists are down here in their droves and well they have no idea on social distancing So there have been no new adventures for me.So here’s a selfie of me to remind you all of me….

Its a good one of me considering I am all scruffy.I am shedding my coat everywhere my back has gone and left me with a short patch,I have short patches everywhere and it’s driving mum crazy with all my fine loss fluff going up her nose and in her eyes..

Well Bird is doing well pretty much independent though still comes for breaky and sometimes later in the day for snacks and water and of course a bath.The hedgehogs are eating us out of house and home,So we are all good!Hope you are all doing well too!

6 responses

  1. HURRAH for ‘Bird’ an fore THE Hedgeyss too!
    Speedy yore still hansum an awsum full coat or not….
    Aunty rachel mee an LadyMew hope you have sum meddycin to combat any sneezellss an sniffullss you have ’cause of flyin furss!!
    Wee send you both lotss of LOVE.
    **purrss** BellaDharma

  2. So glad to hear you guys are doing well. Yeah the tourists here are clogging up roads with big campers and vehicles. We have to make reservations if we want to stay at any national park and with all the wildfires, it’s just better to stay home where it’s air conditioned. We hope your shedding finishes up soon. Digital hugs and tail wags to you, your mum and the Hedgehogs.

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