Hello from the House of Speedy

 Hello from the House of Speedy! I seem to be starting out a lot like this lately don’t I?

Well its been a while again since my last blog, but it’s safe to say we are ok. We haven’t been doing much because well Covid has been increasing again and the safer places to go have been to difficult to visit due to lots of rain. We did get to go to Cornwall for a couple of days but the weather wasn’t great but we did go here….

 Mum did manage to take me to one of our favorite garden centers a couple of weeks ago and they were getting ready for Christmas so most of those we will save for my Annual Christmas and Holiday Countdown….Yes that will still be going ahead. The Bad news is The UK is going in to full Lockdown due to Covid till December 2nd so all non essential shops and business have to close from Thursday this coming week so no more collecting Christmas photos to get a head for my Countdown.Anyway here I am at the garden center….

Mum Got fed up with the weather so put up 3 of our Christmas trees….in out house Christmas is here! And she is already getting the presents in just incase things get worse with covid. But I am saving the photos for my Countdown.

We still have Hedgehogs coming for Dinner and we have one Late summer Juvenile staying over in one of the nest boxes so they are doing great as far as we can tell. But today we have a guest Selfie from Bird the Jackdaw. Bird has been hanging out in the back garden as well as the front due to us haveing some very stormy weather….Bird even stayed over one night and a day and sheltered under the garden furniture to get out of the wind and rain. Yesterday afternoon Bird left as the weather improved but we are expecting Bird to come back cause another storm has arrived. So lets get up close and Personal with Bird…..

Bird even eats out of mums hand now too…How Cool is that? Anyway that’s all for now, Until next time stay safe everyone!



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  1. Yay…always good seeing what you’ve been up, Speedy. Glad to hear all is ok considering this latest wave of the pandDAMNic. We’re staying close to home too and masking up whenever outside. Just wish others would do the same so we can get this virus thing finished. Love your photos of Bird-what a handsome fella. Stay safe, sane and keep smiling. 🐰

  2. Mee-yow speedy this yeer sure has bin ruff fore all of us! Wee saw on mewss U-Kay back in lockdown. Wee are teeterin on THE edge too!
    Guess what? Our Tee V jsut stopped werking! It only 2yeerss old too! LadyMew iss stompin ’round swearin THE air blue….(Guud thing Aunty took a miss on fone call!) 😉
    As fore yore selfiess you look grate an Bird THE Jackdaw iss furry hansum! An well dun Aunty fore gettin Bird to eat outta yore hand….yore simply amazin!
    ***purrss*** an ❤ BellaDharma an LadyMew too

  3. HEEEEEEY!!!! OMD, it was FABulous to hear from you Speedy! yes, the damn Covid thing has put a wrench in all our plans, butts looks like you are doin’ okays! So glads to hear it!
    I can’t believes Bird eats outta your Moms hand! That is just too cool!
    Stay safe my furiends, and don’t forgets to remind the peeps to wear that mask, and wash those paws!
    Ruby ♥

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