Sunday Selfies on a Monday….I know I’m late for a Very important date!

Hay Guys! I know I’m very late for an important Date! That Date is obviously Sunday Selfies….

The reason why I’m late is because mum had lots of chores to do and it was a lovely warm day more like Spring than winter so she took me out in my stroller for a nice walk and then I even had a little romp about in a field too. See I didn’t need my fleece sweater on today! Then it was time to get back for lunch and then Mum for the first time in years put up some Christmas lights in the back garden for us to enjoy. She didn’t have many sets left as a lot of the old lights had stopped working and the old twig tree had wore out and she had recycled them and not replaced them but she did buy a little projector which has 2 Christmas slides one with snow flakes and the other with coloured Christmas images so that with the lights she had left and our old snowman it looks quite pretty. Any you’ll get to see them soon Because My other important Date is the Launch of my Annual Christmas and Holiday Countdown which Starts TOMORROW!!!!!

That’s Right Tomorrow is the 1st day of My Annual Christmas and Holiday Countdown so I need you all to send in your Photo’s of you with your trees, in your Christmas outfits, anything to do with the Holiday Season no matter what you Celebrate! Then I will pick my Favourite 3 after my final post on Christmas Day and they will get a little gift for the Holiday in the new year!

So The rules are simple your photos have to be in by 5am on Christmas Morning UK time to be included for the give away!

How Easy is that? I will be doing a post every day right up to the final post on Christmas Day and then I will go over the the photos to Pick my Favourite 3! Isn’t that COOL? Email them in to me at

Anyway I will See you all here tomorrow for the Start of My Annual Christmas and Holiday Countdown!

6 responses

  1. Mee-yow lookin guud Speedy. Weerd how wee both get chilley weather an then iss like Spring again! Same here!
    LadyMew enjoyed her chat with Aunty Rachel…iss all wayss guud when they meow to each other.
    Wee will send a foto to you once Chanukkah startss Okay??
    **purrss** an ❤ Love ❤ BellaDharma

    • Pawsome I can’t Wait to see it.Thank you for my Christmas Card it arrived today and is up on my door in the Kitchen.Mum is slacking she still hasn’t done the cards….can you believe it? xx Speedy

      • Chanukkah starts December 10th an goess fore 8 nitess….so wee will send you a foto sumtime durin Chanukkah!
        HURRAH you gotted mee Catmess card! Aunty an Unkell’ss card iss on itss’ way today….LadyMew slacked off too. Shee still has 2 cardss to rite fore Over THE Seass an lotss of ‘Merican an Catnadian too!
        LadyMew an Aunty just not quite feelin Catmessy mee thinkss!
        ***purrss*** an ~~head rubsss~~BellaDharma~~

    • Well mum had 5 different sets of lights left from years past that still work and our snow man so with the snow flakes floating on the one wall its quite pretty out there in the back garden,xx Speedy

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