Speedy’s Annual Christmas and Holiday CountDown Day 14!

This is so exciting there’s 10 days till Christmas Eve, when Santa starts his journey across the world and 11 days till Christmas Day its self! I bet you all can’t wait can you? I know I can’t!

But 1st I need you help, You’ve all been Pawsome in sending in lots of photos for my Countdown but I still need more to keep the Countdown going! So I need you all to send in your Photo’s of you with your trees, in your Christmas outfits, anything to do with the Holiday Season no matter what you Celebrate! Then I will pick my Favourite 3 after my final post on Christmas Day and they will get a little gift for the Holiday in the new year!

So The rules are simple your photos have to be in by 5am on Christmas Morning UK time to be included for the give away!

How Easy is that? I will be doing a post every day right up to the final post on Christmas Day and then I will go over the the photos to Pick my Favourite 3! Isn’t that COOL? Email them into me at rachel.dejong28@googlemail.com or you can enter via my Facebook event….


I had a glitch with my Facebook Event but it has been fixed now!

So Aunty Sherri-Ellen managed to get BellaDharma to pose by the star on her rug so that makes it a Season Holiday Photo doesn’t it?…..

And its during Hanukkah too.She also wanted to share some more gifts she got and show her Christmas card too so here they are….

The Elsa and Storming Norman and their mum sent us a Christmas greeting but the photo’s are so good that I have to add them in too….

I was right to add these 2 photo’s too wasn’t I? Anyway I sent Mum out to video the lights around the Village,Now mind these are only a few,Mum said there are so many streets to video in our village that its going to take a few more goes to get them too….But this is a Start right?!

She did okay didn’t she? Now on to the Card Count I still have 6 paper cards and Mum still has 7 but along with the 2 ecards I now have another 2 ecards, one from Hailey and Zaphod and their Peeps…

One from Odin and his mum Aunty Layla at Cat Wisdom 101…

Plus this one from Roary and Levi and the Peeps from Cat and DOG Chat

Along with the greeting with the photo’s of Elsa and Storming Norman above that makes a total of 6 ecards with My 6 paper card that 12 cards in total so now I am 5 in front of mum!

Now Don’t forget to come back tomorrow to see what’s next in my Countdown because there is more to come, Christmas cakes more entries and other stuff. See you then!

6 responses

    • Well I had share Norman in his Santa Hat and Elsa is just adorable in her scarf.I was getting worried that mum would get more cards than me but looks like it will be more like normal on the card front xx Speedy

  1. Thanx Speedy an Aunty fore postin mee Catmass foto an yore rite mee was beeside THE star so it countss fore Catmass!
    An Stormin Norman an Elsa are adoorabell inn their Catmass finery!!
    An so many purrty litess an twinklin where you live….pawtastick!
    ***purrss*** BellaDharma an ((huggiess)) LadyMew

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