Sorry its been a while….An update from Speedy’s Mum

Sorry it been a while. It’s been a bit of a rollercoaster here with lockdown then out of lockdowns….We’re still on No.3 at the moment. As you know Speedy has had a bit of a poorly foot what we had been told was it was a growth as antibiotics didn’t seem to work on clearing it up and when we first had it looked at his foot looked like this back last year in the first lockdown…

As it got bigger we had it looked but still told it was a growth but this morning it looked like this…

We took Speedy out for a walk after I sent these new photos to the vets and while were out it finally burst thick gluppy muck all over my coat. So we rushed home and I bathed it with warm water and was able to squeeze nearly all the puss out and then we rushed him to the vets and left him there so that it could be looked at properly….

The verdict is its an abscess so he needed to have surgery to clean it up and remove any dead tissue and try to close it up as much as possible. So Speedy is currently at the vets undergoing that surgery and all we can do it wait to hear that he is ok and then he can come home to a slow and long recovery of daily cleaning and dressing change assuming I can keep them on him.

Keep those prayers going for him, I know Marvelous and Angel Nellie Bellie has been Spreading the word for my boy for which I thank them so much for that love


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  1. Oh NOES! Oh Speedy, I am so glads you are home, and around your peeps for some loves and snuggles. I sure hopes your sweet footie is gonna be okays. I’ll keep my paws crossed real tight for a speedy 😁 recovery! Sendin’ lots and lots of POTP and healin’ vibes and AireZens!!!
    Ruby ♥

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