Speedy Update:The Road to Recovery

Speedy came home last night after only having a sedative and local anesthetic for his surgery. Because Speedy is such a well behaved bunny the vet decided to on that rather than putting him out. When we got him home he would only eat from our hands and just wanted to have sleep cuddles till bed time.

Then at 3am we checked on him and gave him more cuddles in bed with us but by 4.30am we were giving him his Meloxicam as we could see he was in pain and not happy. We have spent all day feeding Speedy from our hands and giving him lots of cuddles. By 4pm this afternoon he started to eat his hay and his greens on his own.

This was Speedy eating his hay. We took away his litter box and put puppy pads in its place covered with his bedding as he is having trouble getting in and out and keeps banging his foot….which must hurt a bit so this makes things easier for him and tomorrow I will pick up a cardboard box to cut down and use as a little box in the kitchen so he can just hobble in and out without hurting himself.

So far he hasn’t tried to chew his dressing off and tomorrow we take him back to have his foot checked and a clean dressing on with a possibility of going back on Friday and every couple of days for new dressings. There is a possibility that the vets may let us change the dressings with only a check up once a week depending on how good the wound looks. This is going to be a long road to recovery for Speedy assuming it heals properly….if it doesn’t then he may lose the foot. Trying to be Honest and upfront about his chances and its 50/50 right now. I’ll update you tomorrow after his checkup.

7 responses

  1. I’m so sorry, I totally missed your previous posts, and was totally unaware that Speedy had to go to the doctor’s 😦 I’m glad he is doing better already, though, and Freja and I are sending your big warm hugs and lots and lots of love!! Here’s to a Speedy recovery!!

  2. Hang in their Speedy. You have a lot of people sending you healing thoughts! I had major surgery to remove a growth from my stomach many years ago, but all is well now. I am hoping that you will be saying the same thing soon. Take care buddy! 🙂 Woof! Ray.

  3. Speedy, we here are wishing you a speedy recovery if you can pardon the lame pun…oops that was another one:)

    We send you tons of POTP and best wishes so that you won’t loose your foot, Yikes. Pawyers, too on your behalf.

    We are glad to know you are eating some on your own, that’s a good sign we think. Cuddles are nice too:)

    Hugs to you and to your peeps who are taking such great care of you.
    ((( ♥ )))

  4. Mee-yow WOW 50/50 iss bettur than 80/20 or werser Aunty Rachel. Mee an LadyMew are furry sad ’bout Speedy havin an abbycess an wee send all our ❤ LOVE ❤ an POTP to him!
    If you need to meow wot LadyMew pleese let her know…shee feelss badlee fore not meowin on Sunday.
    Wee ARE ehre fore you aunty an Unkell an Speedy!
    healin **purrss** an ~head rubss~ an ((Huggiess)) LadyMew two

  5. Oh noes. Oh my furiend, I will keep my paws crossed real tight for you that you will keeps your precious footie. I thinks your Moms gonna do all she can to make that happen. I am sendin’ lots and lots of POTP your way, and lots and lots of healin’ vibes and AireZens 💕💕
    Keep us updated {{{hugs}}}
    Ruby ♥

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