Speedy’s Road to recovery: Dressing Change day

 So Speedy had his dressing changed today. I have no idea what it looks like as with covid restrictions I’m not allowed in with him. Apparently there was some puss that had to be cleaned out so we were told Speedy needed to have his dressings changed 3 times a week. Todays was supposed to be included with the bill on Monday so I was expecting just the bill for a new bottle of meloxicam….only to be shocked to have to pay for todays visit so £306 pounds on Monday and another £56 today! To say I wasn’t happy is putting it mildly especially as the abscess was misdiagnosed for 10 months and in my mind that should never have happened, Speedy should never have had to suffer with a growing abscess for that long.

Quite Frankly nearly £100 a week to have his dressings changed after the vets mistake is a hard pill to swallow so after a slightly heated conversation about it Speedy’s treatment has changed. Friday the Dressing will be taken off and I will clean the wound myself with Vetericyn everyday and left to heal naturally open to the air. I have antibiotic solution here at the house which is used on rabbits and small animals and I have Manuka honey too. If it looks like the paw needs a light dressing I’ll do it myself and use the antibiotic solution and Manuka Honey with the dressing and then Speedy will have the occasional check ups as he needs its.

I’m not going against the vet advice but I just can’t afford £100 pounds a week on vet bills when I know I am capable of cleaning the wound and dressing it myself. Also I pick up on problems far quicker than any vet can and so can his dad and we don’t make mistakes.

As For Speedy well today he is a lot brighter and a lot happier much more like himself and he is fully eating on his own now. I’ll do an update on Friday after the Dressing is removed and then we can all see what we are dealing with….I’m sure it won’t be pretty so if you’re squeamish you might not want to see that one. Keep your Fingers crossed for my boy, You’re all amazing with all your Messages that you have sent….Bless you all!


4 responses

  1. Holy cow! Don’t blame you one bit. That seems outrageous, specially after malpractice on the part of the vet’s office. We have every confidence you’ll be able to treat sweet Speedy’s paw every bit as well as the vet’s office. Continued good wishes and POTP flowing your way. Feel better soon, Speedy!

  2. 100 poundss purr vissit to Vet’ss! That iss not a nice price!! An yore rite that they shuud not make you pay so much when it was their miss-take.
    If anyoen can heel Couzin Speedy it iss YOU Aunty Rachel. You know yore ‘stuff’ just as well as a Vet!!
    Mee hopess you not too uppyset with LadyMew?? Shee has bin tryin to due choress an laundry when shee has energy. Shee NOT ignorin you!
    THIS Sunday lookss guud fore a chat if you are abell…..
    POTP an all mee LOVE BellaDharma an purrayerss an {{huggiess}} LadyMew

  3. HOLY COW PATTIES! That is insane! You knows, Ma’s Angel Annie had something like that happen to her ~ when they were giving her a pedicure , they broke the nail, and she had to have it cleaned and changed weekly, and they didn’t charge for any of it cause they did it. We were very lucky I guess. That just stinks! Wells, thank DoG you are one pawsome human, and can treat Speedy’s footie with care and competence! You knows I am sendin’ lots and lots of POTP and healin’ vibes and AireZens your way!
    Ruby ♥

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