Speedy’s Road to recovery update and little sneak peak at Hogmite

So first we’ll talk about Hogmite the Male hedgehog who over wintered with Pup the female last year. Hogmite picked his favourite box to hibernate this year, he finally woke up a couple of weeks ago and has been chowing down every night and has continued to stay….I expect when we get further into spring he will go off chasing the girls again just like last year. Anyway this afternoon I was filling the food bowls and the water bowls and I found him snoozing in the entrance of his nest box….

 a hedgehog will often do this if they get a little warm inside their box to cool off, the sun was shining on the box so after taking these I went and got something to shade his box and he promptly decided I was making to much noise filling the food bowls that he went back inside. But he is looking in great shape so all is good.

Now on to Speedy’s recovery. I have continued with the daily cleaning of the wound from his abscess on his foot and this is what it looked like on Thursday….

Half the swelling has gone down and I managed to pull out some of the dead tissue so its looking more healthy now. I carried on with cleaning in daily with salt water bath and vetericyn spray and today it looks like this….

Some scabs have come off on other area’s of the foot. I had to take this from another angle as I was holding Speedy but the hole is definitely shrinking size and looks to be healing from the inside out and there is even a little fur growing. Also it’s not hurting him as much, Speedy is much more active now in the kitchen. He is walking on it normally and hardly hold it up now. Fingers and paws crossed it continues to heal up the right way.
Thank you for all your visits. We will try and visit some of you this week.


7 responses

  1. Hey Hogmite! I don’t blames you for stayin’….I would stay there too if I were you!
    Oh Speedy, that is lookin’ MUCH betters my furiend! I’ll keep sendin’ you lots and lots of POTP and healin’ vibes and tons of AireZens!
    Ruby ♥

  2. HURRAH Speedy! Yore makin purrogress!! Aunty Rachel yore one fine Purry-medic!!
    Speedy’ss paw lookss so much bettur….
    Hogmite sure iss cute. Wee not have Hedgeys’ here…
    **purrss** BellaDharma an {{huggiess}} LadyMew

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