Speedy’s Recovery Update: Up and down and then up again

So just when we thought this was it, no more puss pockets and down we go on that road to another puss pocket to empty that was in the first half of last week. When I found it I cleaned it and squeezed out the puss 3 times that day and then just little bit each day for a couple of days.

It’s been 3 days since I last had to squeeze out any puss and this morning it was still clear, no puss! And some fur is starting to grow back…..

Please let this be the last time I have to put Speedy through that cause even though he is a brave boy and a good boy, he’s starting to get fed up with me poking and prodding his paw….who could blame him

8 responses

  1. Mee-yow Speedy yore paw sure iss givin Aunty Rachel a run fore her $money$ so to meow. Sendin you TRIPELL POTP!! Aunty mee hopess Speedy’ss paw will heal fore real this time!!
    Yore a payshunt an loin Mum an Purry-medic too!
    ***purrss*** BellaDharma an {{huggiess}} Ladymew

  2. OMD…YAY!!!!! Oh Speedy, you and your Moms have been through it! I am so happy your beautiful paw is better!!! I am keepin’ my paws crossed it IS the last time you have to have your paw touched….I hates that! HIGH PAW to your Moms!!!! FABulous job!!!! WoooHoooooo!!!
    Ruby ♥

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