Speedy’s Recovery and Easter Wishes

So its been a few weeks since I last posted about Speedy’s recovery.Not much to say really when pictures say it best.This was taken on the 14th March

These were taken on the 19th March…..

This was taken on 31st March……

It say a thousand words doesn’t it? The fur is growing back nicely and so far no refilling of the abscess after the last set back. Speedy is back to running around like he used to but towards the end of the day it does get sore and he starts to lift the paw up. I don’t know if that will pass with time and the soreness at the end of the day will lesson or if he will just have to live with that and have a little painkiller to make it more comfortable for the rest of his life, there is no way of knowing if any permeant damage was caused by walking on such a large abscess for so long and spreading the bones in his foot apart because of it. My guess is he will have arthritis in the the paw as a result or something similar. But the good news is the foot was saved and he is back to normal doing what he loves best and for that I am thankful, its like an Easter miracle for me.
Here in the UK the Lockdown restrictions are gradually being lifted and Monday we were finally able to go a little bit further and have a proper day out, all be it a socially distance one. We went to Okehampton castle and had a picnic in the meadow next to the castle. It was lovely. We basically had the castle all to our selves…..

And finally Speedy wishes you all a very Happy Hoppy Easter or Passover and hope you get to spend some time with your families

8 responses

  1. We are really glad that Speedy has healed up and think it will just keep getting better. Thanks so much for bringing us along on the exploration of the castle. What a beautiful spot so full of history and beauty. Happy Easter Friends and have a wonderful day

  2. Happy Hoppy Easter Speedy an Aunty Rachel an Unkell Nick!!!
    Yore trip to Okehampton Cassel lookss deevine. Wee are BACL in lockdown an feelin pretty ‘confined’ to meow THE leest!
    Wee DID sit out inn Sun today an that was lovelee.
    Speedy yore paw lookss grate! Wee hope it will stay healed an no more trubbell fore you.
    ***purrss*** an ~~head rubss~~Couzin BellaDharma~~ an ❤ an {{huggiess}} LadyMew

  3. YAAAAAY!!!!!! Oh Speedy, I am doin’ happy zoomies for you my furiend! This is PAWSOME news! Your Moms is the BESTEST!!! Without her eggcelent nursing, things probably wouldn’t have turned out so well. High Paw Moms!!!! 🐇
    Your outing looked amazing too! Wowsa, what a wonderful day! Good news all around over the pond! BOL!
    HAPPY EASTER (belated 😉)!!!
    Ruby ♥

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