The trouble with Vet’s

So there are 2 vets one is more expensive than the other. The more expensive vet miss diagnosed Speedy’s Abscess for 12 month until it burst and then wanted to charge huge amounts after surgery to keep it clean that I knew I could do myself.

The cheaper one who was originally Speedy’s vet till they got to expensive. The one that made the mistake has become really expensive so I thought I would try Speedy’s original vet as they were closer and there are road works on the way to the other one.

The reason why because Speedy’s lump on his side has gotten bigger and he is in pain. It turns out the original vet has now become the cheaper one and they are better too. We thought the lump was the source of Speedy’s pain another abscess or cancer, well its not giving Speedy pain. The vet gave it a good look over and its not an abscess, he seems to think it is a fibrous lump…it may be cancer but he wouldn’t recommend surgery given Speedy’s age but it’s probably not and even if the cells he took out were sent for test and it turned out to be cancer he would still not recommend surgery. He believes Speedy is having a flare up of his arthritis and that is the source of his pain but the cbd oil and meloxicam isn’t covering it so the vet called Chris did a little digging to see what else Speedy could take and it turns out that rabbits can take liquid paracetamol in quite a high dose though he wanted to be cautious as he was concerned about possible liver damage and only wanted us to try a 3kg dose for a dog which is 10mg per kg rather than the rabbit dose. The Dog dose would be 30mg twice a day so infant paracetamol that you can get in a pharmacy or Supermarket for a couple of quid can be used on rabbits….who knew?

I like this vet. The consultation was 20 pounds the other one would have been more like 30 pound plus what ever for the paracetamol assuming they would have thought of that

If you try it for your dog or for your rabbit make sure you check the ingredients as some infant liquid paracetamol has ethanol in which is bad for them, the one I got was calpol not the sugarfree one as that has other stuff in it that is bad too.

Anyway the paracetamol does seem to be working so we had one good day of weather this week so we did this….

We went to the nearest beach for a little sun and R and R!


7 responses

    • Well I guess that happens when a pet gets old, how ever the paracetamol seems to be helping, and Speedy is getting more excited about food times and stuff which is a good thing xx Rachel

  1. Charlee: “Speedy! It is good to see you!”
    Chaplin: “We’re glad to hear that the new medication is making you feel a bit better and that you were able to get out to the giant litterbox!”
    Lulu: “I think that’s a beach.”
    Charlee: “Right. That’s what we said. Giant litterbox.”

  2. “Beech Bunny Beech Bunny
    Yore so cute an look so sunny!
    Yore so sweet just like Honey….
    an so cute an so funny!!”
    Meow that was fun to sing to you Couzin Speedy! Wee are purrin fore you to feel bettur an fore THE Parry-cetamoll to werk!
    Aunty an Unkell you take THE bestest care of Speedy!
    **purrss** BellaDharma an ((huggiess)) LadyMew

  3. We are sending our best tail wags and wiggles along with our pawyers for the new medicine to help your pain. Glad you were feeling chipper enough to enjoy a fun outing at the beach.
    Its hard to find just the right vet…we had to shop around too…hope this new one will be *The One*!

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