So How are we doing?

So How Are We Doing?

 Well its been about 3 weeks since Speedy crossed the Rainbow Bridge.Its been quiet and sad without him and there hasn’t been much to smile about till this week but more on that in a mo.

Bird the Jackdaw has been coming daily for breakfast. Bird likes to scoff a bit of food out of my hand and looks at me intently as he or she scoffs away. If I’m at work then Bird does the same thing to the old man and then spends a good portion of the morning either in the garden stomping around for snacks or up on our roof or one of the neighbors roof tops, then he or she either waits for me to come home before flying off on its own business or leaves just before at lunch time. Then in the evening around 5.30pm Bird comes back for another snack out of my hand and in the garden before going off again.

The Hedgehogs are still coming, one seems to be living in one of the nest boxes while the one or two just come for dinner and a drink. Some days its just the resident and other days its its the visitor, kind of depends on the weather and how dry the ground is.

One thing we did do was put a make shift scare crow in the front garden as all the crows and rooks started coming and frightening off Bird, and all the little song birds. It was like a scene from the film Birds. and I would have got complaints from the neighbors. Since putting the scarecrow in the front garden that has all stopped and everything has gone back to normal so all is good on that front.

Then on Wednesday we had an important guest Stop by for afternoon Tea….

Yup that Very Important Guest was De Ark! And of course his Mum. Probably the first time we have smile and laughed Since Speedy’s Passing. Ark definitely felt right at home, running around like he owned the place. Following me and the old man into the Kitchen as if it was his. We had a great afternoon of chatting, Playing and getting De Ark Kisses. Even if the weather was a tad grey it was a fab afternoon! But it did make one decision for us we will be getting another Bunny. We have a trip coming up so after that we will be looking for a new Bunny, we will take our time as it has to be the right one for us so watch this Space but until then it will be just the odd update on Bird, and the hogs or any guests or visits…..

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  1. LOVED seeing your visitor! What a cutie. When a beloved pet departs for the Bridge, the days after are heavy on the heart. Hoping your search for a new fur-iend will bring light and joy to your heart. Thinking of you and sending warm thoughts of comfort.

  2. Deerest Aunty an Unkell wee DID rite a commint to youss’ butt it iss gone….
    Wee are reeleeved you are feeling more chippurr Aunty Rachel. An Unkell Nick two.
    Thanx Bird THE Jackdaw an Hedgeyss fore keepin Aunty busy. An HURRAH fore DA ARK an his Meowmy comin to vissit youss’. Hee sure iss a hansum poochie doggie.
    Wee are so happy one day mee will have a mew Couzin….when THE time iss rite!!!
    All our ❤ an mee **purrss** BellaDahrma an {{huggiess}} LadyMew

    • Yes we are feeling a bit more chipper, we’re not 100% there yet but each day is a little bit better. Bird and the hedgies do give me me stuff to do but it’s not the same as with Speedy. I am so sorry I forgot to ring you and your mum… I got caught up with gardening and lost track of the time…. Maybe we can rearrange for Sunday this week? xx

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