A new Chapter

It’s Been a few weeks now since my Angel Speedy left for the Rainbow Bridge and the last time I posted I said that we was going to look for another bunny once we came back from our trip. Well best laid plans and all that. We wanted another Rex but I knew that it was going to be difficult because they are few and far between where we live. So just before we went on our trip I tentatively started looking around in our local rescues no Rexes apart from one which was a lot older but hated being handled in any way….to me that’s no good if it got ill I would have a fight on my hands to give meds and treatment which would mean I could lose it every time it got ill, and after Speedy dying in my arms I’m just not ready for that. So I looked at the other buns they had but the rescue had paired them up. We didn’t want a bonded pair because we want the rabbit we choose to interact with us and bond to us and a pre-bonded pair would take to long to bond to us and to be fair most of the ones they had problems either they had major trust issues or health problem….not what either of us wanted. 

So then I look to see what was being advertised on pet rehoming sites no rexes close to us. So we went on our trip for some R’nR and I looked for rabbits in the area where staying…but still nothing so then we thought we would have to just compromise and just get some mix breed when we got home until Wednesday Morning and advert popped up on a rehoming site and accidental litter of bunnies that were mini rex cross lop. They didn’t look like lops in any shape or form, they all looked like rexes from the curly short whiskers to the ears and to the shape of their bodies and faces. There was 3 creamy with grey sooty patches and the rest were coppery brown with various sooty grey markings on them. And there were 10 weeks old. The owner had no idea of the sexes and didn’t know how to sex them so we had to do it. So Wednesday we decide to cut our trip short and go and see these adorable babies and if we liked one we could then take one and then drive straight home as the owners house was on the way home.

Of course we had already decide we would have one before we got there, we knew this litter was meant to be and we had first choice. We got to the house and there they all were so stinking cute it was to difficult to choose ,but we went with finding a boy….but trust me if I could have I would have paid the man for all of them and took them all home they were that lovely. But who knew the sexing 10 week old bunnies would be so hard after checking on my phone several times and comparing to the bunnies in front of me we got the first boy….well I hope that we got it right…hahaha slight older bunnies are easier to tell because the testicles start to form and then by 16 weeks the testicles drop so we will see if we got it right….if we haven’t well never mind we still have the cutest bunny but at the moment we are sure that we have a 10 week old boy bunny. 

It took 24hrs to decide on a name, we had no clue on the name. With Speedy it was easy as with Thumper and Caramel our previous rabbits….But with this one we had no clue and the bunny didn’t seem to know either as we waited for him to tell us, so we just called him titch because he was so tiny but yester day evening we realised That “Titch” had told us his name! So let me introduce you all to “Titch” our newest member of our family

I’ve come to the conclusion the not only did Speedy send Titch to us but also my first bunny Caramel as Titch has character traits that not only Speedy had but he also has traits that Caramel had. Speedy was pretty much free of fear but he was aware of his surroundings, was chilled and relaxed and loved his cuddles. Caramel was fearless would chase cats out of the garden and play with my 2 cats and the my mum and stepdads dog and would take rubbish from any animal or human, he was bossy but he was a love bug too and would kiss your nose and face and your toes…..Titch is already fearless and running the house, but he is chilled and relaxed and curious but he loves his cuddle and he gives kisses on the nose and face. I can’t wait for Titch to share his adventures with you.

Know we just need to come up with a new name for the blog….its still Speedy’s Blog but its also Titch’s blog too now.

14 responses

  1. O.M.D.!!!! O.M.B.!!!!! LOOKIE AT YOU!!!!!! Hey there Titch!!!! you are one ADORABLE buns!!!!!
    I can see why your peeps fell in loves with you! Welcome to Blogville my furiend!!! You lucked out on your new furever home! You won the lotto!
    I can’t waits to see all your adventures!!
    Ruby ♥
    pees: Thanks Angel Speedy 💕💖

  2. Hey Titch I saw your comment on Teddy’s blog so I just had to come by to say hi.
    You are a very handsome bunny and what a cute name.
    I know what you mean about it being Speedy’s blog that is how I felt when Madi passed.
    Without Madi there would be no blog. “My Mind’s Eye” is what I came up with because in my mind’s eye I will always see Madi. Each header has a photo of her too.
    Hugs Cecilia

  3. Lulu: “Hello Titch! Lovely to meet you! You are very cute!”
    Chaplin: “We know about changing blog names! When Dennis went to the bridge Dada changed the name of our blog to the Hipster Kitties, but he had to do it in stages because of some kind of name-change rules on some big social media site.”
    Charlee: “And then when Lulu came along he had to do it again! But this time he made it something generic. And that’s why we’re The Oceanside Animals now, so he doesn’t have to change the name again.”
    Lulu: “So … you’re saying I’m generic?”
    Chaplin: “Afraid so, Lulu. But don’t feel bad. At least he didn’t put ‘mutt’ in the name anywhere.”

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