Titch Update

So when I first introduced you all to Titch I said he was 10 weeks old.it Turns out that was a mistake on the original owners part.The advert was incorrectly written with the age 10 weeks old, it has since been up dated to 7 weeks old for Titch’s siblings.Which means we had him a bit early by a couple of weeks. It was an honest mistake by the owners but it does explain why Titch was so small.

Titch was 7 weeks old on Tuesday so I weighed him and he was 688 grams which is about right for his age and breed. He’s not so thin and boney now and I reckon he put on at least 100 grams from when we brought him home on Thursday last week maybe a bit more. I should have weighed him then but I shall for a few weeks every Tuesday continue to weigh him just to make sure he’s on track. Titch has grown a bit too in length. He’s eating like there is no tomorrow and is pooping and weeing very well so all is good.

But now that we know Titch’s real age we now know his Birthday. Titch’s Birthday is 18th May, the day before Speedy crossed the Rainbow Bridge…..Spooky huh?

Yesterday we took Titch to the beach to get him used to new smells and sounds.a A few years ago I was sent one of these Sansbug pop up Mosquito net tent to use and review with Speedy. It wasn’t any good for Speedy because he was to used to being in his harness and able to roam about, plus he was a chewer. But I thought I would get it out and use it with Titch because he is smaller and doesn’t chew things yet.It worked perfectly with Titch because he is to small to harness train at the moment and being small sand could get stuck in his privates and cause a blockage and it kept him safe while giving him plenty of space to run about. I clipped some light weight cloths to the tent for shade leaving a gap for the breeze to flow through and with his water bowl and food he was very comfy and happy. Titch stuffed lots of food, drank water and pooped and peed like he should and relaxed for a snooze after doing zoomies.Then after a couple of hours went went home and he enjoyed his play pen in the garden. We’re keeping him busy and active so he eats a lot and strengthens and grows muscle tone to grow in to a strong boy. At some point when Titch has figured every thing out he will take over doing post for him self but for now I will just keep you up to date with everything.We’ve even start visiting other blogs again,i t will take time to get back to proper blogging but we are getting there.

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  1. Lulu: “It’s nice to have a little house for visiting the beach! I don’t get to go to the beach here because they don’t allow dogs, and I don’t think I could get away with sitting in a little house …”

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