The Start of going down Speedy’s Rabbit Hole

So as we start Titch’s Journey down Speedy’s Rabbit Hole, Titch will gradually take over. For now we will keep Speedy’s Header that was beautiful created by Ann at Zoolatry till we have enough nice photos of Titch to work with to make the New Header with the new Name of the Blog.Not sure how it will look but I do know that both boys need to be in the new header, So that is where we will leave that for now.

The News on the garden front starts with Bird the Jackdaw, Bird has learnt to go to the post next to the gate to be fed. All I have to do is walk up the garden path and Bird will land there or I just Tap the post and Bird will hop from post to post till he or she gets there. And now Bird will perch with one foot on the post and one on my hand to feed. Bird want attention from me and the Hubby now as He or She hasn’t paired up this year with another of its kind and doesn’t seem to want to either….next year maybe a different Story.

A while back I mentioned a young Squirrel was sometimes cautiously coming to the garden looking for food, well yesterday it must have been desperate for the scraps of food left in the Feeder that I put out in the morning and it chewed the plastic to get at the remaining food. I don’t want it eating the plastic so I have put out a temporary nut container for the Squirrel and a new Squirrel feeder is being delivered today. I have never had a squirrel in the garden in the 20 odd years we have been here and once one starts coming ,it will keep coming so better to accommodate it than let it destroy my feeders and eat plastic, which can’t be good for it. No creature goes hungry here.

Now on to Titch. When Titch first came here he wasn’t litter box trained but Yesterday in his play pen he did all his pee pee visits in the litter box and most of his poops too. I have a new corner litter box coming for the pan upstairs this week for him to use till he out grows it and his hidey box and needs to swap to the bigger litter boxes I have that Speedy used. Last night Titch was a bit Spooked by noises coming in the window, It was raining and making load noises that Titch hasn’t heard before so he woke me up twice thumping his foot I quickly went in scooped him up both times for a cuddle and the put him back to settle and reassure him.

As for new Photos….do you know how hard it is to photograph a baby Bunny? I had forgotten how hard it was. Speedy learnt quickly that working came first before playtime and the sooner he let me take the photo’s the sooner he could play. I guess Titch will get there in time but its funny and frustrating all at the same time

These are the Better ones I took Yesterday out of the lots I took yesterday and Finally we want to wish our friends across the pond a Happy 4th July!

And of course it is Sunday Selfies So we are Joining in with that too


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