Weigh day for Titch!

We decided to make Tuesdays weigh day for Titch. Last week Titch was 688 grams, today when I weighed him he was 808 grams so he has gained 120g in the last week…..Titch is growing fast!

We’ve also learnt we need to tire Titch out in the day other wise he is very noisy at night and thinks if he is full of energy to play, we need to be too! So yesterday he was out in the garden for a good couple of hours. He was running about all over the place, jumping up in the air and generally trying to get in to mischief. But last night all he wanted to do was sleep, eat, drink water and go toilet and repeat….so no waking me up.

Our new Squirrel feed arrived Sunday and I put it straight out and it looks like the squirrel is using it now. He or she was in the garden this morning when I brought the feeders our, I spooked him or her but Bird was waiting so Bird wanted to eat out of my hand. While that was happening the Squirrel went to come back but saw me so turned around again. But I believe it hung around in the front garden after I left for about an hour or so.

Then yesterday Ann for Zoolatry sent us this a temporary header for the blog until Titch gets bigger and I have more photo’s to do a proper one. We think its perfect so it will go on later this week as I may have to adjust it in code to get the size right, Google has made a bit of a glitch which can make it to small when you change the header. But Thank you to Ann she has done a pawsome job as Speedy would say.

Tomorrow Titch is going to the vets for a Health check, re sex him to make sure we are right on him being a boy and to have his first Vaccination…..We will let you all know how that goes.


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