Titch’s Trip to the Vets!

Titch had his first trip to the vets yesterday where he had his first Health Check and His first Annual vaccine for Myxomatosis  and Rabbit Viral Hemorrhagic Disease Types 1 and 2.The health check gave Titch a clean bill of health with his weight around the 800 grams.

But The vet was unconvinced on Titch’s Sex on being a boy but he wasn’t sure either way so we are still for now saying that Titch is a boy but for a definite verdict on Titch’s sex we will have to wait a few more weeks to find out for sure. For me its not an issue, would I prefer Titch to be a boy yes because its easier to neuter a boy than Spay a girl but I really don’t care at this point on whether Titch is a boy or a girl. Titch is ours and we love him and is here to stay for the rest of his life. In our home a home is forever.

So Welcome to The Adventures of Titch down Speedy’s Rabbit Hole!


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  1. Loved your philosphy of (for Tiich) “a home is forever.” We adopted the same position when Ray came into our lives and, while the first 3 years with him were challenging at times. Our home was always his … and still is. I wish more people would accept that perspective before, and after, they adopt an animal into their home. Great job “guys”. Titch is a very lucky bun!

    • Absolutely, I think that Titch is possibly a a girl the hubby is sure Titch is a boy and the vet well I think he was leaning towards a girl, we see in a few weeks. But no matter what Titch is in our home and hearts for ever like all those that have gone, they are still here buried together in the garden and they are still in our hearts. A home is really forever for us, xx

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