Titch’s First Adventure down Speedy’s Rabbit Hole!

 Today Titch went out for an Adventure, His First Adventure down Speedy’s Rabbit Hole! We have slowly gotten Titch used to wearing a harness, just for short periods of time and has shown he doesn’t mind it to much so today we took him to one of the livery fields that we used to take Speedy for adventures. We have been going there for walks with Titch but I have carried him the whole time and he has met all of the horses that live there. The horses used to love Speedy so they were keen to smell Titch in my arms and meet him. Anyway Today we let Titch try exploring in one of the fields for a few minutes and he seemed to enjoy it ,even doing a little binky as he was running about so here are some video clips

Titch wasn’t afraid just a little cautious at times but once he got his bearings he went off exploring around half of the field. Now as its Sunday Selfie time here’s a couple from in the week…

And while we are at it here’s a new video of Bird having Breakfast from yesterday….

8 responses

  1. HURRAH fore Twitch!!! Yore leernin quik mee Couzin!! An lookin so cute inn harness hoppin ’bout checkin THE big werld out! Grate videoss Aunty Rachel. An Bird yore Jackdaw iss purrty kewl…..inn fact, furry kewl 😉
    An Twitch yore 2nd Selfie iss purrfection!
    ***purrss*** Couzin BellaDharma an {{huggiess}} Aunty two!

  2. OMD/OMB!!! What FABulous videos my furiend!!! You have gots this travelin’ thingie DOWN!!!
    And your Moms gots this burdie thingie DOWN too! Oh, and the Selfie is pawfection!!!
    Ruby ♥

  3. Oh I am so glad to be here. I didn’t know Titch had blogged! I came over from a comment he had made. LOOK at him go and learn! What a good boy!

    • It was oringinally Speedy’s Blog “Speedy The Cheeky House Bunny but with having Titch it was time to make it his but I wanted to keep Speedy in it too so now we are The Adventures of Titch down Speedy’s Rabbit Hole,xx Rachel

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